The 3 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

Flowers are one of the most important things that are needed for any wedding. They symbolize purity, love, and unmatched beauty. Flowers form fruits and thereby release seeds that propagate the species further. They are the life-giving force in plants and are hence the perfect things to be used for a wedding decoration. Let us now take a look at the 3 most beautiful flowers in the world now.

The Rose:

The Rose is easily one of the most beautiful flowers on Planet Earth. It comes in over 100 different colors and fragrances. Roses are grown across the globe and can grow well in any weather. They also have an inherent beauty to them that is indescribable to them. This is precisely the reason why men usually give roses to women as a sign of their love. Roses also have a sweet fragrance that is enticing to the senses. It sort of calms the mind too. A bouquet is usually made of roses because the fragrance it emits can calm the mind and make one feel a deep sense of connection with the one giving the bouquet. Roses also have several beneficial properties. Rose petals can be used to make rose water, which is an important ingredient in the manufacture of several cosmetic products.

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Jasmine is a white colored flower that is extremely small in size. Individual flowers are usually too small to be of significant use and so several hundred flowers are braided together to form a long flower chain. The white flower is used as a symbol of the unblemished beauty of maidens in Asian cultures. The jasmine also has an intoxicating fragrance that actually helps to calm the mind. This is the reason why women in several cultures adorn the jasmine in their hair.


Tulips bloom only once a year for about 5 – 7 days during Spring. There over a 150 different varieties of Tulips. They come in almost every color imaginable and give off a sweet fragrance. Along with roses, they are one of the most cultivated flowers in the World. There is a tulip farm called the Keukenhof in the Netherlands. It stretches for hectares and hectares and has almost every variety of tulip known to man. They all come to bloom in March every year at the very same time. It makes for an incredible sight that is often sought after by tourists and filmmakers alike. The beauty of the humble tulip is simply unparalleled.

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